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Mesquite, Nevada is a city in the United States of America in Clark County, about 80 miles North of Las Vegas, Nevada. The population of Mesquite, NV is around 19,000+- as of 2018. As a casino destination, Mesquite, Nevada still has a small town feel in my book.

Mesquite does have more than one stoplight, and a person can still get around town in a few blinks of an eye. The city of Mesquite is located in the Virgin River Valley near the Virgin Mountains, which is also located in the corner of the Mohave Desert.

Specifically, Mesquite started out as a small farming community, and it is now a destination for a diverse demographics of people to include: championship golf; softball; baseball; tennis; motorcycle racing; off-road activities; casinos; long drive championships; active adult communities; owner occupied homes; condos; townhomes; vacation homes; and real estate investment.

Quite brilliantly, Mesquite has 8 local golf courses, and they are: Wolf Creek Golf Course; the Canyons Golf Course at the Oasis; the Palmer Golf Club at the Oasis; Falcon Ridge Golf Course; Conestoga Golf Course at Sun City; Coyote Willows Golf Course; the CasaBlanca Golf Club; and the Palms Golf Course. All of these golf courses are within 10 miles of one another, and are local to Mesquite, Nevada.

Mesquite has several Hotel Casino complexes and they are: The Virgin River Hotel and Casino; The Casablanca Hotel and Casino; and The Eureka Hotel and Casino.  The Rising Star is also a nice new Hotel and Sports Complex in Mesquite, but without the Casino.  The Rising Star has been built with Sports and Families in mind.  The Rising Star is a great addition to Mesquite.

The Arizona Strip is composed of Littlefield Arizona, Beaver Dam Arizona, Desert Springs Arizona, & Scenic Arizona.